What is Wanderwork and how does it work?

Wanderwork is the go-to platform for early career professionals to find internships and jobs anywhere in the world. At Wanderwork you can explore opportunities in global destinations with the coolest internationally minded companies and become discovered by employers.

Sign up is quick and simple: provide your basic information to create your account, then use Wanderwork's profile tool to easily build your online resume.

Wanderwork is also a social platform. As a registered user, you will become part of a network of young professionals, and you can connect with other like-minded people.

Use the profile to show off your personal brand - the employers at Wanderwork are looking for future talent. Show off your potential and your personality - this is your opportunity to shine!

How do I go on a wanderwork?

Each company has its own recruitment process and policies, so the details may vary. Some companies offer help with accommodations, others don’t, so be prepared to find a place to stay independently! Enjoy the adventure!

What type of jobs do you offer?

Wanderwork provides an online portal for employers to post jobs, recruit students / recent graduates for internships and jobs. The job offers are tailored to early career professionals across different industries.

Do I have to sign up to see all the job offers?

No, you can see all the job offers without signing up. However, there are many benefits of creating your profile:

Will employers sponsor or support my relocation?

Circumstances for each role and employer are different, some may offer relocation support and/or relocation packages. Check the job listing for information or contact the employer for more information.

Will employers sponsor my visa?

Check the job listing for more information or contact the company for their visa sponsoring policy.

Will Wanderwork help me get a visa?

Wanderwork does not sponsor or help with obtaining a visa. It is always up to the individual employer to make the decision to offer support with a visa.

Does the employer sponsor my relocation in some way?

This is up to the individual employer. More information can be found on the job listing or by contacting the employer.

Where can I search for an apartment or roommates if I get a job abroad?

There are many websites and apps available for students to search short term rental apartments online, depending on your location. Search accommodation options on Google or from social networks.

Pro tip: Search for Wanderwork members, and ask people directly!

How much does Wanderwork cost students and recent grads?

Nothing! Wanderwork is free for job seekers.