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Welcome to Wanderwork, operated by Wanderwork OÜ (“Wanderwork” and sometimes referred to as “we” and “our”) registry code 14302590, address Kraavi 28, Tallinn, Republic of Estonia.

Thank you for visiting or using our services (“Services”). Our Services are a digital platform wanderwork.com through which current and former students (“Student” and sometimes referred to as “Job seeker”) of higher education institutions can create their personal profiles, search and find employment and/or professional development opportunities and connect with providers of such opportunities (“Business” and sometimes referred to as “Employer”). Businesses can create a profile for their company, search and contact possible future employees.

Wanderwork does not take part or is in any way responsible for interaction between Students and Businesses, except to the extent necessary to maintain our Services. We do not take part in negotiating and entering into any employment contract between the Job seekers and Employers. The Students and Businesses agree that they must evaluate and bear all risks associated with the use of our Services. By accessing, viewing or using our Services, Students and Businesses indicate that they have read and understood these Terms, and agree to them.

Wanderwork profile for Students

In order to start using Wanderwork Services, you must first register and create your profile. You are allowed to establish only a personal profile. It is not allowed to use other people’s e-mails or other personal data which does not belong to you. Using false e-mail addresses and data is forbidden.

A Student is allowed to create an account when he or she has reached the age of which he or she can enter into legal agreements independently. Usually it is the age of eighteen (18).

The Student is responsible for filling in correct and truthful information about the level of education, professional experience and other personal information. The Student is responsible for any activity associated with his or her profile, therefore, you agree not to share your account’s password with others or jeopardize the security of your profile in any other way. Wanderwork has no liability for third party actions in connection with the use of a Student’s account or password. A Student is obliged to notify Wanderwork if the Student discovers any unauthorized access or other use of their account or password.

Wanderwork has the exclusive right to remove profiles which are deemed: false, misleading, unlawful, unsuitable or inappropriate. You may suspend your profile at any time by e-mailing info@wanderwork.com.

Wanderwork profile for Businesses

In order to start using Wanderwork Services you must first sign in using your personal Facebook account. You can create a Business profile if you represent a Business / Employer and have sufficient legal authorization to act on the name and on behalf of the Business. By creating a Business profile you must be eligible to enter into legal contracts (including but not limited to employment contracts) in applicable jurisdictions.

You may post job positions and other professional development opportunities (including but not limited to internships) on our website wanderwork.com. The Business is responsible for filling correct and truthful information about the job or other employment related offer. You are responsible for for any activity associated with the Business profile, therefore, you agree not to share your profile password with others or jeopardize the security of your profile in any other way.

We reserve the right to remove any job posting or content from Wanderwork site which is deemed false, misleading, unlawful, unsuitable or inappropriate. You may suspend your profile at any time by e-mailing info@wanderwork.com.

This also includes the right to inform potential candidates about your job offers. You may restrict these rights by giving us a written notice by e-mailing us at info@wanderwork.com.

Privacy policy

By joining Wanderwork you are accepting our Terms and Conditions and giving us permission to process your personal data. We process personal data you submit by creating your profile, we do not collect any data about you which is made available outside our website. We collect and process the following personal data: name, date of birth, nationality, location, education, skills, work experience, employment status and contact information. You may also choose to voluntarily add other information to your profile, such as gender, hobbies, career aspirations etc. We collect and process the Job seeker’s personal data for the purpose of matching up to Employers across the globe for professional development opportunities. The Job seeker’s personal data is disclosed to only Employers who have joined Wanderwork by creating a profile. Some of the personal data you share may be sensitive. Please consider your choices of data sharing before creating your profile.

By creating an account and submitting a profile to wanderwork.com, you agree to make the profile public. This means that everyone can view your profile and the information you have shared. Some parts of the personal data, such as contact information, gender, nationality, date of birth, employment status and career aspirations are not visible to the public, but will be visible to Employers. Only authorized employees of wanderwork.com have access to the personal data and they may access the data only for the purpose of resolving issues associated with the use of our services.

We do not interview Job seekers nor do we conduct any background research. All the data you make available on your profile shall be available to potential Employers as it is provided by you. We will not disclose your personal data to any other third parties or public authorities, except if required by law.

Wanderwork uses cookies within its operating system and registers IP-addresses to improve and optimize our Services. The data may be transferred, processed and stored in reputable and sufficient cloud databases that are located outside of Estonia and European Union. We reserve the right to change the cloud service provider at any time without prior notice.

In case of any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us info@wanderwork.com.

Third party web sites and content

Our Services are available for informational purposes only. Wanderwork is a private company, and is not affiliated with any Business or educational institution. Our Services may contain links to other websites and third party links. Wanderwork is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or quality of the services provided by third party sites.

Changes to these Terms

Wanderwork reserves the right to modify, alter or update these Terms. Any change to these terms shall be effective to any visitor who visited our Services before the change was made. It is the obligation of the visitors and users (Students and Businesses) to learn of changes to the Terms since their last visit.

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please reach out to info@wanderwork.com.

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