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GuestReady is looking for

Sales Intern

London, United Kingdom
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Vaniday is looking for

Social Media & Content Writing intern

Singapore, Singapore
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NA-KD is looking for

Corporate Social Responsibility Intern

Gothenburg, Sweden

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Our mission is to connect students and recent graduates with employment opportunities across the globe. We leverage the newest technology to match candidates with positions that best fits their skills and values.


Our vision is to become the leading global platform for early career professionals to get hired based on their talent, not geographic location. We want to create global impact and lead the development of the next generation of global workforce.

Meet the team

Aleksandra Ilina


Aleksandra has professional experience in sales & marketing from diverse fields: sports, mobile advertising and tourism. International spirit is in her blood! She ensures that marketing functions at its best at Wanderwork.

Triin Tirp


Triin is a tech enthusiast with MA in international law. She is in charge of all the legal questions, including contracts, data privacy and terms & conditions.

Rodrigo Gonzalez


Rodrigo has vast experience in customer services and he is passionate about connecting people and creating opportunities. He's in charge of the company's PR and communications.