10 Reasons For Going on a Wanderwork*

Not that you really need an excuse to fly to a far away destination to gain world-class work experience and become a global citizen, but here’s our list of 10 reasons for going to work abroad, just in case you weren’t convinced yet.

  1. Gain relevant working experience

    One of the most crucial moments after graduation is gaining relevant work experience. With your brain full of knowledge from years of studying, the best thing to do is put it to practice.

  2. Earn money while travelling

    Many recent grads want to take some time off after graduation to travel and explore the world. Going to work abroad allows you to focus on your career goals and combine it with adventures. Having a job means you will not burn through your savings as you would backpacking. Work means responsibility, so you cannot let yourself be completely lost in adventures. You do have evenings, weekends and in some cases, remote working options, so you are still getting best of both worlds. Not to mention, going to live in a foreign country is an adventure itself.

  3. Your dream job does not exist where you currently live

    Maybe you come from a small country, but have always imagined working for a global brand. The only way to get that dream job, you have to go where the company has offices. Or, the case could be that there are not enough jobs available in your country, but that shouldn’t stop you from going to where the jobs exist. All you need is a passport, English and/or some other language skills, transferable skills which you have developed throughout your studies and a determination to succeed in a new environment.

  4. Improve your language skills

    Chances are that you already speak English, as it is probably the most commonly spoken language in the world. If English is not your native language, you will get a chance to improve your language skills tremendously while working abroad. Going to work in a foreign country will force you to find a common language with the locals in the country, and it’s likely that the working language will also be English. In addition to improved English, you are likely to pick up (at least a little bit) the local language while you live in a new culture.

  5. Meet new people

    With every new interaction we are opening ourselves to new wisdom by hearing different opinions and perspectives. Learning from books is great, but it’s amazing how much we can learn from other people. Talking to people from diverse backgrounds is a great opportunity to improve your communication and social skills. You never know where a new interaction may lead you, you can make new friendships, meet potential business partners, new customers, expand your network in the new country, it can be very valuable for both your personal and professional life.

  6. International work experience looks good on your CV

    This has been said a million times, it doesn’t even need an explanation. Graduates with first-hand knowledge of another country’s culture will be better prepared to understand 21st century business world, it shows global awareness and the ability to succeed in the modern hyper connected world.

  7. Learn new skills

    Working abroad will expose you to an entire new way of doing things, you will see how things can be done differently. You will have to be a quick learner and able to adapt to a different business style and processes. The skills you learn abroad are extremely valuable and they will differentiate you from all other job seekers who can’t demonstrate the same kind of adaptability, problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness.

  8. Learn to see your own country and culture with new eyes

    Nothing changes the way we see our own life experiences like seeing the way other people live. It will make you appreciate everything you have, things that you have taken for granted for your whole life. It will fill you with a sense of wonder and empathy for other cultures and countries. Seeing many different lifestyles, values, outlooks on life, will broaden your perspective and hopefully you’ll become more tolerant and open to different ways of life. With all these experiences you will gain new perspective about your own country and the culture. In the words of M.Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

  9. Get out of your comfort zone

    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is a famous inspirational quote which is meant to motivate you to challenge yourself. To find out if life really begins at the end of your comfort zone you have to go out and experience it yourself. Don’t get too comfortable, or you may end up living a mediocre life, which is worse than any temporary discomfort. People don’t grown when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

  10. Live without regrets

    There’s no better time than after graduation in the early stage of your career to take a risk and go work abroad for some time. It can be daunting to go into the unknown, survive on less money and feel uncomfortable in a new environment, but taking a risk is better than having regrets. Ask yourself – if not now, then when? When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

* Wanderwork is a blend of the words wanderlust (a strong desire to travel) and work. If Wanderwork was in dictionaries, the definition would be: short or long term professional migration led by the desire to see the world while gaining international working experience.

About the author

Sandra Lusmägi

Sandra is the co-founder and CEO of Wanderwork. She is passionate about connecting the best university talent with amazing job opportunities across the globe. Helping people and businesses to work together across countries, cultures and languages.