10 reasons why everyone should live abroad

Living abroad is a subject I think I may have some authority to talk about. I’m Lili, the founder of a travel blog named Hey I am Lili and a vivid lover of living away from ‘home’. I was born in Peru, a country that is part of my roots, but has never been home. I left at a very young age to live in Brazil where the other half of my family is from. I guess this has started my life in the ‘living abroad world’.

At the age of 20, I lived in the USA for an international college program. At 23 I headed by my own to the unknown of Dubai. And today, some years later I have settled (until who knows when) in Finland. I was happy with the invitation to share with you the benefits of it and show how much this experience can change your life.

There are many other reasons which makes me choose this way of living. Just to mention a few these are the ones I believe are the more important.

You will learn more about yourself

When you decide to move to a totally unknown world, you will realize that it’s all on you now. There won’t be no one to get the house in order, solve problems or even pay the bills. You are the one in charge and will have to learn to deal with it.

It sounds lots of work and it will be specially if you have not done any of it before in your home country. But you will learn that you can own more of your life that you never knew. Being far apart of those who can help you with everything will make you really grow. Will give you your independence. You will have your home, your things and your life.

Changes and adapting to new places won’t be that hard anymore

Adaptation can be hard. Very hard, indeed. However, at the end of the day it is all a matter of how you deal with the situations. How much energy you put into the good and bad things. Many people struggle years to adapt to a certain place and there may be many reasons to that. Nobody said it would be easy to change your life and start living as a local elsewhere. This takes time and once you mastered it, you will understand that you can do anything anywhere. And I’ll tell you, this will make any other changes in your life much easier.

Value the important things in life

Sometimes we give the wrong value to things. We think that having a property and a good car is spectacular. And it sure is. Yet it is not the most important anymore. They won’t matter as much as having memories, in living each experience with those who share it with you. Specially when you have your love ones near. They are the most valuable thing you will have in life.

New language

Move abroad means having to learn how to relive. Yes, because you are used to how things are done in your country and they might be totally different where you are setting in. Starting with the language. Communication is an important thing when integrating society. You will get the chance to learn it and improve any language skill you already have. You will become a bilingual person and that can help you so much in many aspects. Such as professionally, getting involved locally or even with self-confidence.

Job opportunities

Living abroad teaches more than any school can or your previews jobs would. You develop life skills that can open many doors. Makes you deal better with the differences, in how to be a problem solver

and to have a wider vision of things. Just how people say: you will be able to think out of the box. For sure, this is a plus when looking for a new position. Not to mention that having good experiences in your CV will tune up the possibilities of been well employed later if you decide to go back.

Multicultural relations

You will get to see that we are nothing compared to how big and wonderful the world is. That the differences make people unique and that we can learn from each other. That respecting others for what they are and understanding that each person has a different background is what makes relationships last. You will start cheering for their country when in a match. You will start liking their food. You will want to travel there to feel how their life is. In a sudden, you will realize that you know a bit of every country of the people that surrounds you and they know a bit of yours.

New family

You will always have your family back home. They are your roots, the people who have helped you become who you are today. However, your love ones will cheer and share your life from far away. So, you will make a new family, a family of friends. They are the ones that will be there when you are sick, when feeling lonely and when the happy moments come. Moreover, you will become theirs. It will be a more meaningful friendship that you will take forever.

You will want to travel the world

There will be so many interesting places you will want to discover! And once you start, you will never want to stop. It will grow into a hobby, into something that makes you happy and maybe essential to life. When you go back home, you will have all the memories liven and this will make you have a constant travel plan.

Home is where you’re happy

We usually say that home is where we come from, the place we grew up. But to be honest, you will understand that you can have many homes, and this will only depend on you. I usually say that home is where my heart is and that is my little family with my husband and dog. If I’m with them, I’ll be happy. No matter where, because life is made of moments and opportunities. And we can always learn and evolve in any place we live. Find where you feel happy and call it home.

Stories to share

You won’t believe the number of stories you will collect. Yours and from others. Think how many things you can tell your children? Your grandchildren? Think how many memories you will remember when you are older and will fill up your heart with joy. You will be able to take a little of your experience and inspire other people to live their best life!

If you are planning to live abroad just go for it. Live everything you can live and make it the best experience of your life. Also remember that you can always go back to where you call home.

With love,


About the author

Lili Simmelink

The founder of Hey, I am Lili, a bilingual travel blog that hopes to inspire you to travel the world, to unveil new cultures and to share every precious tip Lili has found out there.