5 reasons to go on exchange

My name is Adam Ben Anene and I am a student of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, right now I am in my second year of studies in the field of European business administration.

In our University there is a lot of possibilities to go international, for example I am going to spend my third year abroad in Germany, more specifically in Münster. There are about 300 000 inhabitants living in Münster from which about 55 000 are students, it is one of Germany’s largest university towns but the living is not as hectic as in some bigger cities. While attending the Münster University of Applied Sciences I will complete my specialization in Marketing and HR, the school has a great amount of courses to offer in those fields of study so I am more than happy to spend my exchange year there.

In my opinion, going on student exchange is one of the best decisions you can make during your studies, the experiences one may experience during their time abroad are priceless. The stories I have heard from people who went on exchange have impressed me, no one has regretted the decision to go on exchange even though there might have been some problems. It is clear that when you are going to a different country there will be some struggles to face, but those experiences are the ones that make the adventure so special.

I have listed some reasons why should one take part in student exchange.

New friends/contacts
While spending time abroad it is clear that you are going to meet new people and create different sorts of relationships with them, meeting new people is important. You will probably meet people from all over the world so remember the cultural differences.

Multicultural life
As mentioned above, you will meet people from different cultures and it is a huge benefit. With all the internationalization happening, understanding of other cultures is extremely important.

Language skills
During your time abroad the languages you will use are mostly the language of your host country and English(obviously in England and U.S the language is English). So most probably you will improve the knowledge of those languages that you have to use during the exchange.

Experience and maturity
When going on exchange you really need to go out of  your ‘’comfort zone’’ to get the full experience. Living in a new country develops you as a person and you will gain maturity from it.

Travelling opportunities
Going on exchange means it is likely that you will be able to travel throughout the nearby countries with a short train, plane or a bus ride. You will most probably travel during long weekends so the expenses will be lower than they would have been during a holiday season.

Anyway, I think that if you have the possibility to go on an exchange you should do it. To develop more as a student, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to study abroad in a foreign country on exchange. As terrifying and exciting as this decision may be, it will definitely be one of the best decisions you will ever make as a young adult and you will not regret it.

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Adam Ben Anene

Outgoing, motivating person, hardworking, team player and able to adapt to different environments. Fun fact: I have never gone through airport security check without getting randomly checked.