5 Solid Strategies to Build Your CV While Studying at University

You might be just starting University or have a few years left, but it’s never too early to start preparing for your future career. The job market is competitive, but there are ways you can boost your CV during studies to stand out from the crowd. We have 5 solid strategies which you can implement immediately, use all of them or pick what works for you, and you’ll be well prepared for the job market.

  1. Leadership role at a student organization

    Joining a student organization is a great CV booster. Get involved in something which interest you – entrepreneurship society, student union, sports club or an organization related to your study field. Being a member isn’t enough to give you an edge, so aim for a leadership role to improve your skills and to have real experience which you can show off on your CV.

  2. Volunteer

    Donating your time for a good cause and actively contributing to your community shows that you are willing to work hard and take initiative. Many people use those attributes to describe themselves, but have little evidence to support it. Ask yourself what causes are close to your heart and do some research about non-profits in the field, most likely they will welcome all volunteers with open arms. This is a win-win opportunity!

  3. Learn new skills

    All students in your degree study the same things, so if you want to stand out, learn a new skill. It can be anything that you are interested in, such as a new language, creating websites or photography. There are many online platforms and apps that offer free courses, so invest some time in learning something outside your curriculum. By doing this you will demonstrate your willingness to develop yourself. As more jobs get automated, employers look for candidates who are open to learning new things and take responsibility for their professional development.

  4. Create your personal brand

    What are you an expert on? Do you have a reputation which supports your knowledge in a particular field? Do you tell the world about your interest in your blog? Are you active on social media? Building a personal brand is crucial for success in the digital age. It takes time to figure out what your passion is and how to stand out and be known for it, so start early in your studies to build a solid foundation for your personal brand. Wanderwork is building a platform where you can show your uniqueness to potential employers, so take time to fill your profile. We will write more about this topic in the future, so stay tuned.

  5. Get an internship

    Out of all of the ways to improve your CV, nothing beats having real experience in a field which is relevant to your studies. Bonus points if you do your internship abroad. Wanderwork is on a mission to help you start your international career and find the best internship opportunities anywhere in the world. Soon you can create your own professional profile. Follow us on social media and be the first to know when new updates are available.

About the author

Sandra Lusmägi

Sandra is the co-founder and CEO of Wanderwork. She is passionate about connecting the best university talent with amazing job opportunities across the globe. Helping people and businesses to work together across countries, cultures and languages.