5 tips to nail a Skype interview

Important factors should be considered when you are going to have a Skype interview. For that reason, we are here to back you up! When you apply for a job abroad, you probably can count on having the first interview through Skype. It is much easier and a modern way to applicants as for the company itself.

1.Test if the call is working properly

It can be a bit weird for those that rarely use video conferencing calls and that is a good reason for trying to make the call as easy as it could be. If some technical issues come up suddenly, just keep calm and try to fix even if it means to call again. It can be positive to show how you work under pressure, not to mention that this attitude enhances your ability to plan ahead.

2. Make sure you are not going to be interrupted

Finding a peaceful place in order not to be interrupted, as the interviewer is not interested in what your family is doing or watching on tv.

3. Research about the company

It is crucial to have some knowledge about the company as well as about the interviewer, if possible. Knowing what questions to expect will help you to be prepared for the answers. Before starting the call you should have your resume, portfolio and supporting documents loaded up. By doing it, any document can be found easily without losing the focus.

4. Dress code is important

We are aware that it depends totally on the position you are applying as well as the company. Keep in mind to show up with a neat hair and do not wear too much makeup. Do not simply go to your interview wearing sweatpants, or a jacket and your pajamas’ trousers. Common sense goes a long way.

5. Consider the room that will be shown through your camera

It is important to bear in mind that what is behind you does matter. For that reason, a neutral background with good lighting would be perfect. Business-like set is a plus.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you to get your dream job! 

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