5 Ways to Make your Online CV Stand Out to Recruiters

In one of our previous articles we explained how having a professional online profile will help you get hired. This time we are sharing 5 tips to make your online CV stand out to recruiters.

Always have a summary about yourself

Craft an interesting summary where you briefly highlight the most important parts in your CV. Be creative and focused – tell your career goals and what type of position you are looking for. It’s also an excellent chance to already tell the recruiter when you are available and what is the best way to contact you.

Highlight your skills

Recruiters are always using keywords to find the best candidates, so adding skills is a good way to stand out and appear in search results. Make sure your profile is consistent; explain in the summary how you gained the skills and how you have used them in the pasts.

Link to your portfolio or blog

As a student or recent graduate you might not have a lot of previous working experience, so having a blog or online portfolio can show the recruiter that you are proactive and take your career development seriously. Remember that recruiters are looking for candidates who have potential, not just loads of experience.

Professional profile picture

Having a professional looking profile picture is a sure way to stand out to recruiters. Profiles that lack any profile picture seem impersonal and anonymous, no matter how well the rest of the profile is filled out. So make sure you take this simple step of adding a picture that gives a good first impression of you.

Fun fact

Your Wanderwork profile allows you to show you personality to the employer. Share a memorable fun fact about yourself. Think – what are your passions or share a funny thing that happened to you, it can be anything that makes you unique. Recruiters are also people and they want to connect with the person behind the profile, so be sure to share something!

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About the author

Sandra Lusmägi

Sandra is the co-founder and CEO of Wanderwork. She is passionate about connecting the best university talent with amazing job opportunities across the globe. Helping people and businesses to work together across countries, cultures and languages.