Building diverse teams – why diversity matters

Team diversity has frequently been recognized as a vital aspect concerning team and project group building. But why is it desirable for a company to have a diverse team? Ultimately diversity means difference, so essentially wouldn’t it be contrary to common sense to assume divergent individuals to operate with a resolute and similar kind of mindset? Surely a team constituted of complementary and alike professional backgrounds and personalities would perform more effectively?

According to many business professionals and managers, the answers is no. Research has shown that companies with more diverse gender and ethnic workforce perform better financially. Companies with more diverse workforce were to be found to have financial returns above their industry means. Hence, many firms nowadays are placing great emphasis on diversity when constructing competitive workforce and teams. But what makes a blend of different individuals a more effective and superior team compared to a group of more homogeneous workers?

Innovativeness and productivity

A diverse team combines together different skills, personalities and perspectives, which essentially will result into a more idea rich and effective problem-solving atmosphere. A team composed of various different employees will see the world as it is, and is notably more aligned with the rapidly expanding diverse and global customer base, hence resulting into a more exceptional workforce.

As companies should always drive towards innovativeness, a way to conduct this, can be achieved through the employment of diverse workforce. Study finds that radical new innovations are more likely to be discovered, amongst companies with differing employees.

Despite many people might feel more jovial whilst working with people from similar background, you should not be deceived by this feel of well-being and convenience. Working with individuals whom come from different background, nationality, race and who do not share the exact same way of thinking as you do, will force you to think outside of your comfort zone, which will subsequently result into increased levels of innovativeness.

Decision making

A strong belief among managers and experts is that within a more diverse team, decision making process is more elevated than in groups with homogeneous individuals. This is believed to be due to the fact that diverse groups are more likely to process information in a more careful manner. By placing yourself in a so called ’’outsiders’’ shoes and considering their perspective instead of sticking to your own and people alike yours ideas, may feel strange and implausible, however this can potentially yield remarkable results, in regard to decision making. In order to make the best decision, sometimes second guessing one’s ideas can be beneficial. As diverse groups are more likely to frequently reexamine facts and assess more thoroughly each member’s decisions and ideas, more enhanced decisions can be met.

Diverse strengths

Through diversity different strengths can be aligned together, within the workforce, in order to aid the organization. Through the different skills that every individual possesses, greater performance and productivity can be met. As one person may provide technical skills, whilst the other sales, and the third perhaps management skills, this blend of varied skills provides strong and capable set of skills to tackle the numerous tasks and issues that a company or team may face.  

Moreover, the cultural diversity of people can provide additional benefits for the company, as the cultural know-how can be adopted for good use, especially in the global companies. The needs of each specific market and demographics can be better met, when diverse workforce and expertise within the organization exists.

Increased talent pool

An organization with a diverse workforce will attract more a wider scope of talented candidates to their job openings. Job seekers from different various backgrounds and ethnicity will view the organization as more appealing and progressive, due to the company’s embracing attitude towards diversity. So, as anticipated, an organization of this kind, will attract more job applications and thus the possibilities for finding the most suitable and talented employees naturally rises. Moreover, the already existing workers, within that company, will be more likely to stay in that organization due to their positive views concerning the company. Hence, workforce retention increases.

Wanderwork promotes and aids in the growth of diversity

Through Wanderwork’s mission to provide various job opportunities for graduates around the globe, and for organizations to find these international job seekers, diversity can be increased. Here at Wanderwork we recognize and embrace diversity, and we strongly believe that through diversity, increased job performance can be met. Through Wanderwork’s new channel of recruiting, this talented and compelling diverse workforce can be found. International employees are waiting for their opportunity, and employers are in search of these talented individuals – Wanderwork is here to connect these two.

About the author

Miikka Seppa

Miikka has professional background in B2B sales, marketing and has MBA from the University of London. He's in charge of implementing and developing the company’s marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns.