Internship sounds good? Internship abroad – better!

Most probably you have already considered doing an internship while you are studying, right? You might see it as a great opportunity to try new things. You might have heard from you friends what an amazing experience it is. Both are true. But there is one more thing. Doing an internship abroad is even beyond it!

In this short post we will give you some reasons why it’s so much worth it and why you should consider it right now.

Reason 1: A unique learning experience.

Study time is the best time of your life. Remember that. Having fun and learning new things every day are the combo that makes is so enjoyable. You are given this time and opportunity to find out what do actually want to do in your life. So use it!

Internships are not only for having a tick in your university record or a line in your CV — they are you chances to explore what you like and what you don’t. Try different positions related to your study programme, try different locations. You will be surprised to find out that there are way more things that you enjoying doing than you think.


Reason 2: Diving into a new culture.

You must agree, it is not the same how you experience a culture when traveling as a tourist and when living it at least a month. Doing your internship while living in a new country gives you a chance to get to know the people, who they really are, what are their values, traditions, heritage. It helps to understand the culture, to dive into the local language, to discover basically another way of life.


Reason 3: Improving language skills.

Everyone says it. You might be even bored to hear that but it’s true. Language skills can improve significantly and incredibly quickly only in the environment where people speak the language you learn. This fact is proven by lots and lots of people who reached amazing results after living abroad and using the language every single day in different life situations.

The most important advice here: don’t be shy, get our of your comfort zone and start to interact with locals. They always adore when foreigners are interested in their language and culture, so they will always enjoy helping you.


Reason 4: Valuable background for your future employer.

The countries’ borders for workplaces become more and more blurred nowadays. The employers are interested in diversity and bringing international knowledge to their companies from the very beginnings because every one hopes to expend successfully abroad as well. Therefore, having a study exchange in some other country is one thing but having a work experience on the international level is seen way differently from that.

An internship abroad makes you experience the business culture from different angles: you won’t think there is only one right way to do your job anymore, you will learn how different approaches can be applied for different cases. You will learn how do adapt in new environments and how to help others to do the same. These things can be read about in books but in order to actually have such skills you need to experience them in real life.


Reason 5: Meeting new people.

Making new friends from all over the world is another fascinating thing about internships abroad. Of course, you have your friends at home or university and feel happy with them but… Go for more! You can find a soulmate from an opposite side of the world! After your internship you can travel around and visit them all. Isn’t it amazing?

Actually, there is more than that. Internships involve not only friends but also professional connection. In the adult world networking is the key to move forward. You can be smart and ambitious but being able to know about all the interesting opportunities is possible through people. So use your time at its maximum! Make people remember your sharp brain and your commitment to work: those will bear fruit sooner than you think.

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About the author

Aleksandra Ilina

Aleksandra has professional experience in sales & marketing from diverse fields: sports, mobile advertising and tourism. International spirit is in her blood! She ensures that marketing functions at its best at Wanderwork.