Wanderwork Beta Now Live: Paving the Way for the Future Global Talent

Giving students and graduates worldwide the opportunity to find internships and work anywhere in the world.

Education is becoming increasingly more international. Over the past few decades, the number of students enrolled outside their country of citizenship has risen dramatically, from 0,8 million worldwide to 4,3 million in 2012. OECD estimates that there will be 8 million international students by 2025. Getting a university education anywhere in the world is already a reality for millions. The young people who leave their country of origin are also more willing and open to working in other countries besides where they come from or where they study.

It is becoming clear that mobility is an important part of talent development. INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business school’s provides extensive research on the topic – their findings suggest that international experience builds new perspectives and fosters creative performance, notably the ability to exploit unconventional knowledge and creative ideas. INSEAD introduced the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) in 2013 to help governments, businesses and various other components of the civil society to make informed decisions as employers, employees or job seekers and to help design and implement better policies in areas such as education, human resources management and immigration.

The GTCI differentiates between two levels of talent, Vocational and Technical (VT skills) Skills and Global Knowledge Skills (GK skills). LV skills are mid-level skills which can be acquired through vocational training and skills relevant to technical roles in the workforce. Global Knowledge skills, on the other hand, are high-level skills which deal with knowledge workers in professional, managerial or leadership roles that require creativity and problem solving. GK skills impact is evaluated by indicators related to innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of high-value industries. The development of Global Knowledge skills requires a highly developed ecosystem of universities, innovative institutions and enablers. The GTCI framework is providing a solid body of research which emphasizes that talent development goes beyond vocational training – studying and working abroad to develop and acquire Global Knowledge skills are an important dimension to address the challenges and changes in the talent landscape in the coming years.

Internship is often a mandatory part of studies and a great stepping stone for a future career. Unfortunately, it is still not easy to find internships internationally. Schools have partnerships with local companies, but their capacity to support the student’s international search for a work placement is limited.

Up until now, finding an internship or job abroad has looked like this: if you know the city or country where you would like to go, you would probably search online with keywords “jobs in country x” or try to find the local job boards and then see if there are any English-speaking jobs on that site. This can be time consuming and, frankly, a shot in the dark. Things get even more complicated if you don’t know exactly where you would like to go – you are open to many places, as long as you find the right company which fits your values and where you could use your skills in a meaningful way. Relying on Google and advice from friends will lead to a miserable and time-consuming struggle, having to visit many websites one after another and trying to compare all the information across different sources. The decision to go abroad is a major one, requiring trustworthy information to support a serious life changing step to leave the comfort and familiarity of your home, even if it is for a short while.

It is time to change the way students look for internships and jobs and learn about companies that match their ambition.

Wanderwork was created with the vision to provide a single platform for students and graduates to find employment opportunities globally. We identified the challenges of searching internship positions across different geographic locations and how recent graduates find their first degree related job after graduation. Higher education without borders is already a reality. We are here to pave the way for the students and recent graduates to start their international career anywhere in the world. We want to make the process of finding and applying for internships and jobs for graduates easy, fast and efficient. In the globalized world, people have the freedom to choose where they live and work; we want to remove barriers and provide opportunities by creating a platform where to search jobs in various locations. With one profile, job seekers can search job opportunities across the globe. In addition, the profile is a brilliant opportunity for the students and grads to show their personal brand – their skills, passions and past experience – and become discoverable by employers all over the world. With this platform we are paving the way for the future global talent. Wanderwork aims to be the leading professional networking platform for early career professionals. It was made to empower the inexperienced yet ambitious students and graduates to show their capabilities and personality as they evolve into the talent of the future.

A platform from students for students.

Today we’re launching the beta version of Wanderwork, an important milestone in our journey and the first step to make real impact on a global level. Our platform is open to students and graduates from any location and any field of study – so come take a look and show your uniqueness to potential employers and connect with your peers. We need you to come together and show that what we are trying to create is important and needed. This will help us grow and attract companies to offer internships and job opportunities through our platform. The beta version of Wanderwork means that our platform is ready to accept job offers to be posted on our site. We’re deeply grateful for your patience as we work actively on getting more job offers.

The idea for Wanderwork emerged when I was studying at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and tried to help other students to experience life abroad, since I had myself many experiences with living, studying and working in different countries. As a digital native, I soon decided that a global platform is needed to reach millions of people with the same desire to meet likeminded peers and find exciting professional development opportunities across the globe. I searched for existing platforms, but since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I decided it was up to me to bring it to reality. After experiencing the lifestyle of a global citizen, I knew I had the insight and perspective to bring the idea to life. From there I started talking to people who shared the same belief – students and graduates of today are the future talent of tomorrow. Moreover, the talent of the future has a global outlook, they think and act beyond borders. They know that the job they will do in the future might not exist yet, and rather than scaring them, it excites them! When I joined forces with two brilliant professionals from their own field, Mattias Saldre as the web developer and Tiina Klausen as the design and marketing creative, I knew I had a winning team, and an idea worth pursuing.”

We are a small team with big ambition. Last week we welcomed our first intern who will help us create a strong brand and attract young talent. We are creating a culture of creativity and innovation which comes from a multidisciplinary approach – our first intern comes from the field of Information Technology, but has a strong interest in design and brand strategy, so it makes sense for us to allow people to work with what they are passionate about, and not be confined by traditional roles based on educational backgrounds. Each team member engages in complex problem solving that involves a great deal of independent judgement as well as close collaboration, so we’re not just looking for narrow skill sets when growing the team but rather well-rounded people who will grow together with us.

So here’s a call for all the smart creatives who embrace our mission and values: if you’re reading this article and feel a burning desire to join us on our journey, please introduce yourself by sending us an email at info@wanderwork.com or a message on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/wanderworkcom/. We’d also love to connect with enthusiastic university students who would want to be our university representatives, please get in touch! This platform is made for students, so don’t hesitate to get involved. Together we can start a movement!

About the author

Sandra Lusmägi

Sandra is the co-founder and CEO of Wanderwork. She is passionate about connecting the best university talent with amazing job opportunities across the globe. Helping people and businesses to work together across countries, cultures and languages.