The importance of personal branding


Keen to land your dream job? A strong personal brand can make all the difference, when securing the perfect job.

Trying to find that perfect job can be stressful, especially when you are unsure on how to begin. In today’s world, with all the other numerous job seekers and the rising demands and requirements from companies concerning workforce, job seeking can appear as an unattainable task to overcome.

When applying for a job, just the seer volume of other applicants will make it extremely challenging to make a great impression, that would put you in ahead of the others and make you stand out. This is why a strong personal reputation becomes vital.

Just like normal branding, personal branding is strategy that aims to shape an appealing identity that will allow a maximum level of positive attention. As in business, traditional branding is about acquiring new customers and enhancing the existing relationships with the present customers, in personal branding the idea is more less the same. In regard to job seeking, the idea of effective branding is to attract and entice future employers.

Building a strong personal brand and identity can take a lot of time and work, but once created, it can yield tremendous outcomes when concerning job search. Firstly, a great personal brand will determine on how you will be perceived in the marketplace. It can work as a personal resume, showcasing your achievements and traits. Doing things to promote yourself, like having a personal website, strong presence in social platforms or a portfolio of your previous work or just having a practiced personal pitch to introduce yourself, will help you to define who you are as a person, and hence appeal positively to potential employers.

As job search is all about differentiation, it is vital to stand out from the rest. Your personal brand will act as the clear indicator on what you will have to offer; the performance, input you will provide and the value that you will bring to your employer. A brand is like a promise, of all the benefits that you will yield, if hired. Nowadays when there are hundred and thousands of other applicants, it comes vital to differentiate yourself. By showing your personal brand attributes and the passion you have for that specific job, will create an appealing image to the recruiter.

As everyone is unique, so is and should be their brand image as well. Start by assessing and formulating on what makes you different and what can you bring to the equation. The tone and image you portray should reflect you as a person and true character and simultaneously align your strengths and capabilities in regard to the profession you are after.

Branding is not just solely for job seekers. Personal branding works for professionals at all levels, and hence should be improved and practiced regardless of the level where you are at your career. Here at wanderwork we embrace branding and appreciate the uniqueness that every individual can provide. Through our numerous job possibilities, you can now leverage your own unique personal brand and discover your dream job. So don’t wait, create that appealing brand image and start applying.

About the author

Miikka Seppa

Miikka has professional background in B2B sales, marketing and has MBA from the University of London. He's in charge of implementing and developing the company’s marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns.