Top 5 cities for an internship in Europe

Are you thinking about an internship abroad? Do you want to experience life in a new destination and gain relevant work experience? Here’s a quick guide to help your search for a perfect location and awesome internship opportunity in Europe. Maximise your time in Europe by traveling around by train or by boat (check out #3) to experience the diverse beauty of different regions in Europe.


1. Amsterdam

There are students from over 120 countries enrolled in the many universities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area, making it a European hotspot for international students all over the world. What makes Amsterdam a great place for an internship is the clean environment, cultural diversity and well-developed infrastructure. Amsterdam is most known for its canals and bicycles, in fact, there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam! Imagine biking to the office every morning, just like the locals do! In addition to a high quality of life, Amsterdam is known for a vibrant nightlife, something everyone should experience. The location is perfect for a traveling to other European cities, such as Paris, which is a bit over 3 hours train ride away.

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2. London

London is without a doubt one of the most lucrative European cities for international students. It’s home to world class universities, attracting the best talent from all around the globe. Access to talent and the vibrancy of innovation play a key role in the success of the city. Even the threat of Brexit hasn’t slowed down talent flocking to London, to join one of the most innovative companies and startups in Europe. A huge bonus to choose London as your destination is there isn’t any local language restrictions, only English language skills are enough to get hired.  Experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle, rich culture and fast-paced way of living by going on an internship to London!

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3. Stockholm

Delicious Swedish meatballs, the northern lights and vikings are all symbols of Sweden, the birthplace of global companies such as IKEA and Spotify. The capital of this Scandinavian country, Stockholm, is surprisingly very international and diverse, making it enjoyable for international students to mingle with the locals and other international people. Stockholm is made up of islands, so you can visit the seaside and be in the middle of buzzing citylife all in one day. Be sure to take a boat cruise to nearby countries Finland, Estonia or Latvia to make most of your stay in the Nordic region of Europe. Almost all Swedes speak English, and English is the official working language of many Swedish companies, making it easier for international students to find internships.

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4. Berlin

Berlin has long been the European startup hotspot, and it keeps delivering new innovative products and services, and attracting top talent from all over the world. Berlin is the perfect location to join a startup and leave your mark on the world. International students love Berlin, and it’s easy to understand why. It has a strong international community and making friends is easy. If you are looking for an exciting new place for an internship abroad, then look no further than Berlin! Enjoy the vibrant startup scene, immerse yourself in culture and museums and let your hair down at a night out in town! For a quick change of scenery, hop on a high speed train to Prague or Amsterdam.

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5. Barcelona

Barcelona offers a quality of life that many Northern Europeans can only dream about. Find out what it’s like to live in a big metropolitan city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The beautiful beaches, good weather and a relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal location for an internship abroad. This beautiful Catalan capital is a bit more demanding language wise – Spanish and in many cases, the Catalan language skills are needed for everyday life. If you are up for the challenge and want to learn a new language – then this is a great opportunity for you! Soak up the Spanish sun and enjoy amazing food and wine on your internship in Barcelona!

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