Why a professional online profile will help you get hired

If you are a University student or recent graduate, you are probably quite familiar with social media and have a profile on Facebook, Instagram and many other social networks. All of us spend a lot of time online, for various reasons – to be entertained, to stay in touch with friends, to find information, and even for those big life changing events, like finding a job and getting hired.

Employers are using social media too. There is one profile in particular that employers are looking for when you apply for a job and that is your professional profile. Employers care about your past experience, education, skills and career goals.

In our last blog article, we talked about the importance of having a personal brand, this article will tell you how to do it.

At Wanderwork, we are passionate about helping young professionals become the global talent of the future. We want you to stand out and create the life and career of your dreams. Get started by creating your professional profile at Wanderwork. Our profiles are designed to show off your skills and personality – the perfect platform to showcase your personal brand!


Highlight your skills, experience and career goals

Instagram and Facebook are great for casual interactions and sharing cute puppy videos with friends, but they don’t necessarily tell much about your professional qualities. By creating a Wanderwork profile you can highlight your skills and previous work experience so you can show the hiring manager that you would be a valuable member at the workplace. As a young professional with little experience, focus on your career ambition and show that you have the potential to grow into your goals. Remember, Wanderwork is created for students and graduates, not seasoned experts with 10+ years of experience. Use your inexperience to your advantage and show that you are the talent of the future!


Show your personality and what makes you unique

Wanderwork profile includes sections where you can show your personality: include a fun fact about yourself and talk about your hobbies . This shows the employer who you are as a person and the fun you would bring to the office. You can also add a link to your blog, Instagram or website – it’s up to you what you are passionate about and want to share. Use this field to strengthen your brand and align it with your future goals. For example, if you are passionate about technology and want to join a startup, show off that blog or Youtube channel where you discuss topics related to it. Be creative!


Wanderwork profile is your online resume

Keep your Wanderwork resume up to date, even when you are not actively seeking for a job. Use the profile as your online resume, to maintain your professional presence online. Most importantly, remember that recruiters are using Wanderwork to find new talent, so keep your options open – Wanderwork members can get offers directly from recruiters. You never know when a new opportunity can come knocking on your door!


Ready to get started? Create your profile today: https://wanderwork.com/

About the author

Sandra Lusmägi

Sandra is the co-founder and CEO of Wanderwork. She is passionate about connecting the best university talent with amazing job opportunities across the globe. Helping people and businesses to work together across countries, cultures and languages.