IT talent sourcer (Paid traineeship)

at Swedbank in Vilnius, Lithuania
Field: Business & Strategy
Employment type: Internship
Financial compensation: Paid
Required languages:
- English (professional working proficiency)
Deadline: 22 April 2018
Offer last updated on 15 April 2018
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About the job

We are Career Centre. Centre of all sorts of HR activities, that are related with person’s career path. We help people to start it, to get better at it, to change it and overcome the challenges in the process. Or what we call it – opportunities to grow. It might sound like some corporate buzzwords for you, but that’s how we believe it is. It’s not always easy, but always really interesting.

We also believe in being open minded, seeking simplicity and caring about the quality of our cooperation with candidates, managers and colleagues overall. Or to say it shortly – we care about people. And now we are looking for additional team member to care about and who would care about all above and below!




You’ll find here whatever you create here.

But what you can expect from our side - we are open for new ideas, sharing our know - how, giving and getting some feedback (so please do that). We will surely try to make it as simple as possible for you to grow your knowledge, learn new skills and find the answers. Sometimes - even to find some good questions. And we will always always try to take care that you are resting properly – with our philosophical coffee breaks, a little singing match or maybe – some new activity that you will create?